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Wood Destroying Insect Inspections (Termite Inspection)

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection (WDI), Commonly referred to as a "Termite Inspection" is an inspection of the accessible areas of the home for evidence of termites and other wood-destroying insects such as carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and wood-destroying beetles. The inspection looks for evidence of wood destroying insects, damage caused by wood destroying insects, and conditions that may be conducive to infestation by these insects.

Wood-destroying insects if gone undetected can do significant damage to a home. We recommend a WDI inspection with every home purchase.

Some mortgage lenders as well as some VA, FHA, and HUD loan programs often require Wood-destroying insect inspection as part of the loan process. We recommend you consult with your lender to determine if they require a WDI inspection.

Termite tubes on floor joists
Termite tubes on floor joists

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