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Sewer Lateral Video Inspections

Sewer Scan Certified
Sewer Scope Certified Inspection

Sewer Lines....not something buyers like to think about, but their condition is what buyers should know about.

Blockages, broken pipes, roots and other problems discovered during a Sewer Line Video Inspection can advert future costly repairs.

Using a high-tech imaging camera, we inspect a home's underground sewer lateral (the pipe that runs from the house to the public sewer) and provide a thorough and unbiased report of the sewer system.


Buying a new home?

Worried about proper disclosure?

  • Is the home over 20 years old?

  • Are there trees in the yard?

  • Indications of past problems?

  • Do you notice a new sewer cleanout cap?

If you answered yes to any of these questions your home may be a good candidate for a Sewer Line Video Scan.

Call Today to Schedule Your Sewer Lateral Video Inspection!

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