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    • Fees are based on the size home, age, and number of bathrooms (full and half). Please call for a quote or use our online scheduler.

    • Reports are available on the same day as the inspection

    • Cost estimates for repairs are available upon request

    • Buyer Home Inspections are backed by a 120-day Warranty


    • This inspection is done prior to listing the home for sale.

    • A pre-listing inspection can help sellers make informed decisions about addressing problems before listing the property.

    • This proactive approach can help sellers avoid surprises during the negotiation process with potential buyers.


    • This inspection is done just before your builder settlement date and taking possession of your new home. ​

    • The inspection offers another level of quality control by an objective and unbias inspector.

    • Accessible areas of the home are evaluated for code compliance, compliance with manufacturer installation specifications, and acceptable workmanship standards. 

  • PRE-DRYWALL INSPECTIONS  (Starting at...)                                                              $449

    • This is a construction inspection for new homes and should be done before the drywall and insulation are installed. The fee will be slightly higher for homes over 3500 sq ft. 


    • This inspection should be done when your 1-year builder warranty is about to run out.

    • A 1-year warranty expiration marks a homebuyer’s final opportunity to identify, document, and inform the builder of items that need repair or adjustment. 

    • Fees are based on the size of the home and the number of bathrooms (full and half). Please call for a quote or use our online scheduler.

  • SEWER LATERAL VIDEO INSPECTIONS                                                                       $450

    • This inspection is for the home's underground sewer lateral, the pipe that runs from the house to the public sewer. 

  • RADON TESTING                                                                                                                   $149

    • The test must run for a minimum of 48 hours and can run up to 7 days. Closed house conditions must be maintained during the test. 

    • Stand-alone Radon Tests are available for an additional; $25. Please call our office to schedule a stand-alone radon test, 610-450-6056.

  • TERMITE INSPECTIONS                                                                                                        $95

    • Wood Destroying Insect inspection-Termite Inspection. 
      The primary concerns in this area are termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and to a a lesser degree powderpost beetles.  

    • We are a PA-licensed pest control applicator.

    • Stand-alone WDI inspections are available for an additional $25. Please call our office to schedule a stand-alone termite inspection, 610-450-6056.

  • MOLD TESTING                                                                                                                       $450

    • Mold Survey/Testing includes 3 samples. 1 exterior baseline sample (control sample). interior air sample. 1 air or physical sample.

    • Additional sampling is available upon request and may be recommended based on conditions observed.

    • Fees for larger homes may be additional

  • WATER QUALITY TESTING                                                                                              $250

    • FHA/VA Water Test. For well water testing but could be used for public water as well.

    • Total Coliform, E. Coli, Lead, Iron, Manganese, Nitrate, Nitrite, PH, Turbidity.  

    • Stand-alone water tests are available for an additional $25. Please call our office to schedule a stand-alone water test, 610-450-6056

  • DECK INSPECTION                                                                                                             $180


    • The deck structure is inspected for structural integrity and safety. Recommendations for repair and improvement are made.  

    •  A deck inspection is included in a home inspection.) 

    • Large decks may be additional. 

  • ROOF  INSPECTION                                                                                                             $180

    • Designed to locate and identify any damage or needed repairs. 

    • (A roof inspection is included with a home inspection.)

    • Larger roofs may be additional.

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