Wood Destroying Insect Inspection (Termite Inspection)

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection (WDI), Commonly referred to as a “Termite Inspection” is an inspection of the accessible areas of the home for evidence of termites and other wood-destroying insects such as carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and wood destroying beetles. The inspection looks for evidence of wood destroying insects, damaged caused by wood destroying insects, and conditions that maybe conducive to to infestation by these insects.

Wood Destroying insects if gone undetected can do significant damage to a home. We recommend a WDI inspection with every home purchase.

Some mortgage lenders as well as some VA, FHA, and HUD loan programs often require Wood destroying insect inspection as part of the loan process. We recommend you consult with your lender to determine is they require a WDI inspection.

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Inspections performed by 21 year inspection veteran Dan Keogh