Mold Survey & Sampling

Mold needs two things to grow, a food source and moisture. Many of the building materials a home is made of, as well as many of the itms in a home provide a good food source for mold growth. Therefore, the limiting factor for mold growth is moisture control.

The Mold Inspection and Sampling consists of a visual assessment of the readily accessible areas of the home. The inspector will inspect the home (exterior and interior) for apparent mold growth and conditions conducive to mold growth, i.e. moisture, water intrusion, and condition that may lead to water intrusion.

What we do…Test air quality, collect physical samples, evaluate sources of moisture intrusion, help identify probable causes of mold growth, and suggest preventative measures to reduce mold growth.

The mold inspection and Survey includes:

  • 1 Exterior Air Quality Sample (control sample)
  • 1 Interior Air Quality Sample
  • 1 Additional Air Quality of Physical Sample
  • Additional Sampling is available upon request and may be recommend at the time of the inspection based on condition observed.
  • A complete comprehensive report on all samples taken.

Moisture Control is the key to stopping Mold Growth

All Samples are Analyzed by an Accredit Lab

Moisture Control

Samples analyzed by Accredited Lab

SunLight Inspection Services

Inspections performed by 21 year inspection veteran Dan Keogh