1 Year Warranty Inspections

Most homebuilders provide a 1-year warranty for newly constructed homes. After living in a home for a year homebuyers often develop a punch list of corrections for the builder to repair under the 1-year warranty coverage. However, there may also be hidden defects that many homeowners won’t have the technical training to find.

The 1-year warranty expiration marks a homebuyer’s final opportunity to identify, document, and informed the builder of items that need repair or adjustment.

A 1-year warranty inspection gives you the knowledge you need to make sure your new home is built to the quality you expect. It’s an investment to protect the investment you’ve already made in your new home.

I recommend a one-year warranty inspections before you sign off with your builder and relieving them of their contractual responsibilities regarding your home.

Sunlight inspection services will prepare an unbiased professionally report with digital photos and explanations documenting items in need of repair.

If your one year warranty is about to run out call for a 1-Year Warranty Inspection.

Your inspector should be trained and qualified to recognize discrepancies between the homes construction and the current building code. manufacture specifications, and current workmanship and industry standards.

I have a background in residential construction. I am certified by the International Code Council in the following categories.

ICC #5228682

  • Residential Building Inspector
  • Residential Plumbing Inspector
  • Residential Mechanical Inspector
  • Residential Electrical Inspector
  • Residential Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner

SunLight Inspection Services

Inspections performed by 21 year inspection veteran Dan Keogh